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  • August 29, 2017

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby Winery

Rosby Sculpture Workshop | Claire Tennant Workshop

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby Winery

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby Winery 600 383 CTW

Set in the luscious Rosby Winery scenery, I recently had the pleasure to lead a 3-day sculpture workshop over August 15th to 17th. With the stunning Rosby mud bick homestead as a backdrop and wonderful winter weather the sculpting and casting workshop was an event to be remembered.

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby WineryOn the Tuesday, we studied sculpting. The students bought along their own sculpting tools and inspiration to create a life-sized portrait in clay.

We looked at bone structure and proportions and used each other for reference.
Lunch was an epic affair, catered by the multi talented Kay Norton- Knight and wines from on site with a tastings explained by Gerald.

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby Winery

Wednesday’s workshop began with the students and I discussing the different mould making techniques and the materials that can be used. We then got to work making a 2-part waste mould from alginate and plaster bandages of their portrait from the day before.
Everyone got their hands dirty and did a wonderful job.

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby WineryThursday saw the students learn how to open their moulds and how to reassemble them ready for casting. Using concrete to cast their sculpted portraits, I taught the attendees how seam lines are cleaned and any surface blemishes are repaired once the casts are cured.

It was a fantastic workshop and I was so impressed with everyone’s work.
An incredible 3-day creation extravaganza!
I’m already looking forward to the next workshop and seeing the talents and artistic pieces come to life again.

The works will be on show for the spectacular “Sculptures in the Garden” weekend, on site at Rosby Wines and Guesthouse, along with many other stunning pieces.
I highly recommend getting along for a look. Mudgee and the surrounding areas are just gorgeous this time of year.

Check out the workshops gallery for more photos from the sculpture workshop.