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Workshops & Teaching

Creative mould making and casting workshops

Claire's workshops provide students & adults with a hands on learning experience creating in a wide variety of mediums and techniques

Catering to small group sizes,  private one-on-one tutorials, school groups, and university/technical college up skilling, CTW   workshops can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the client.

Offering a fun, safe learning environment at a location that best suits your needs, workshops are a great way to learn new skills, Immerse yourself in new ideas, test new materials and learn new processes.

Whether you are interested in team building with employees or  just looking to share an experience with a friend or partner, the possibilities are endless.

Beginning in mid 2024 CTW is launching a new series of creative workshops. Catering to beginners, enthusiasts  and serious art practitioners.

Coming soon, there will be a calendar full of fresh new things to try and dates to suit.

Workshops for schools

Interested in running a mould making or casting workshop at your school or university?

I offer on site moulding and casting workshops for school groups. Workshops can be tailored to work alongside the curriculum. Please get in touch for a quote and to arrange workshops for your group.

Claire Tennant School Workshops for schools – Mould and Model Making/Casting

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Mould Making and Casting
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Looking for a unique present? Gift Certificates can be used across a range of CTW services including one on one private lessons.

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Beginner mould making: The “Poured Mould’’ technique

Duration: 1 day

Bring along a small sculpture (H150mm x W80mm or smaller) and in this one day class we will cover:

    • How to make a moulding box out of common household products
    • How to set up a small sculpture for best casting outcomes
    • Learning about appropriate silicones and how to mix and pour a mould
    • Creating a resin cast from your mould to take home.

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Intermediate mould making: The “Painted Mould” technique

Duration: 3 days

In this 3 day class, you will bring along your approx. 200-500mm sculpture.

      • You will set up the mould for best casting outcomes.
      • You will learn how to apply multiple layers of silicone to build up a painted mould.
      • You will learn how to make a multi part, plaster casting to support your mould.
      • You will learn how to ‘crack’ the mould and cut it open to allow for good casting.

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Life casting: Face mould and cast

Duration: 1 day

In teams of two, we will learn the ins and outs of life casting.

        • We will learn about skin safe moulding products, safety procedures, and other important factors when taking a face cast.
        • We will each create a face mould; and then a plaster cast.

This class may be of particular interest to those interested in prosthetics as the cast can be used as a base to fit re usable makeup onto.


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