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  • By CTW
  • June 9, 2017

Restoring Antiques To Their Former Glory

Restoring Antiques | CTW

Restoring Antiques To Their Former Glory

Restoring Antiques To Their Former Glory 600 383 CTW
Restoring Antiques - Claire Tennant Workshop

Moulding and replicating a vintage pool fountain fitting.
Not a bad match eh!
Mine is the one on the right.

Restoring antiques and breathing life into them is a rewarding task. One of the obstacles to overcome can be in replacing elements that are no longer made or which have destroyed completely.

Using expert moulding techniques, replicating existing pieces to match or creating new ones based off design is possible.

Some items that you might need some help restoring or reproducing may include:

  • Broken keepsake family heirlooms
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling Roses
  • Sculptures

Antique restoration/Bespoke fittings reproduction

Reproduction of designs can be achieved in a few ways.
Moulds can be made from existing mouldings or parts to finish a pattern. A mould is created from your piece and recreated using materials to match the design.

Extending a missing part or completely replacing an element of the design can be achieved from photos. A custom-built mould is made based on the supplied design. This is great for completely creating a new piece that may have been lost long ago.
It is also an option for use in set design to create the appearance of antique furnishings. This is where from one mould multiple pieces can be cast and created to bring a vision to life.