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Every body is unique! Claire is a specialist in life casting; taking a mould directly from a person in-situ for artistic and personal creations.

Life-casting, or body moulding, is a popular, yet complicated, process for individuals, artists, sculptors, film and TV prosthetics, special effects practitioners and Cosplayers alike.

The process involves applying  certified skin-safe/ food grade prosthetic silicone directly to the ‘sitter’ in numerous layers to build up a thick skin. Over that, a plaster multi-part jacket is added to hold the skin in the right shape once the person steps out of the mould.

Life casting takes time!

A life-cast mould can take between 15 mins and 1 hour to capture, depending on the complexity of the pose , size and other requirements. For this reason, a detailed conversation is needed prior to the casting day. If the pose is particularly complicated, I may ask you to come in to discuss the piece prior to the casting day.

What does it feel like to have your head cast?

Check out the following video from Cosplay Chris as he talks you through his head cast experience.

The life casting process can be a little confronting. Especially when a full head cast is being done and you must sit still for approximately 30 mins while the various stages are completed. It can feel quite claustrophobic to some, although, others love it!

1:1 Lifecast by Claire Tennant

Claire has spent a decade honing her life-casting skills in the capturing of 'life' as it appears to a wide cross section of society.

There isn’t much we haven’t tried before with our life casting and sculpture!

Whether you wish to create your own masks or costume pieces for cosplay or prosthetic sculpting, or if you want commemorate a ‘big life event’, such as a pregnancy, breast reduction, new baby, gender affirmation, pre or post breast cancer surgeries, big birthday, wedding or other life event, I am here to help capture this precious and fleeting moment.

I understand the need for immediacy of action that is often present with such events and will always do my best to accommodate ‘difficult circumstances’ .

Please let me know as much information as you are comfortable sharing about your personal vision for the life casting.

Feel free to look through the galleries of the CTW website for inspiration.

Meaningful and personal life-castings created specifically for you

Once the mould is captured, the time pressure is off, and you can go home assured that , that there is a beautiful sculpture within what we have captured, just waiting to be revealed!

Then the magic happens as I cast the final sculpture to your specifications.

Whether you have  a very specific vision for the final sculpture or not, it’s good to have a rough idea of how you envisage the final sculpture.

Wherever possible, photo references or any visual aid you can bring or photograph (such as a colour sample, or a similar finish on another object ) will help clarify the vision for both parties and help us meet your expectations with the finished product.

I shape all pieces by hand and to follow the most pleasing lines and curves of the sitter and the  pose,  even if it’s slightly different from the original vision.

You can rest – if you haven’t decided on the final finish on the day of the casting, that’s ok!

There are many materials examples of the available finishes on display around the workshop. If you need a hand in choosing, Claire and her team will be happy to guide your vision with theirs.

All sculptures will be supplied with hanging points and cord unless otherwise  specified. If you have a particular spot you wish to display your piece, please mention that on the day.

Please note:
As every body is a different size and shape, every pose presents different requirements for mould making and casting materials vary in price; it is hard to give a cost for the two-fold process until we have discussed the parameters.


The life casting process can be a little confronting. Especially when a full head cast is being done and you must sit still for approximately 30 mins while the various stages are completed. It can feel quite claustrophobic to some, although, others love it!

Head casting is often popular with makeup artists and special effects people as they can use an exact copy of their own head to sculpt prosthetics onto and practice application


Maternity Life Casting with Clair Tennant Workshop

A special way to preserve a moment in time. Whilst pregnant with my first child I decided to take a cast of my pregnant belly and have since decided that I would love to help other expectant mothers to also capture this special time.

The final cast can be painted and decorated and could make a perfect display in the nursery. Suggestions for decoration include with your newborns hand and feet prints. It could also be a beautiful thing to have at your baby shower for guests to cover and sign with their well wishes, hopes, dreams, and messages for your baby.

Hand & Feet Casting

Hand and feet life casting with Claire Tennant Workshop

Preserve the fleeting moments in life by creating casts of your children’s hands and/or feet.
A memory keepsake to look upon as your child grows.Baby hand and foot casting only takes a few minutes. I have taken many casts from newborns while they are asleep.

Casts of couples hands could make for a personal centrepiece at your wedding.