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  • By CTW
  • March 1, 2018

Customise Your Candle Moulds and Soap Moulds

Custom candle moulds | Claire Tennant Workshop CTW

Customise Your Candle Moulds and Soap Moulds

Customise Your Candle Moulds and Soap Moulds 600 383 CTW

Candle moulds created just for you

The candle moulds soap moulds that you use are one way to set yourself apart from other candle creators out there.

Custom candle mould | Claire Tennant Workshop CTW

Moulded and candle wax cast crystal decanters.

Custom made moulds allow you to create a candle mould from existing objects (such as decanters). Or you may even want to sculpt your own truly unique piece and then have a mould made of it.
Any size or shape you can imagine can be created into a mould, providing you with a unique element for your candle craft.

Candle design made simple

Designing a castle candle isn’t necessarily your thing. A pillar candle featuring your logo on it’s side or base adds a simple personal touch to your candle. Helping to brand and set yourself apart from others.

A custom candle mould may also be something you are wanting to have created for a special occasion? Perhaps for your wedding you would like to have custom candles on display, maybe as a gift for your wedding party or guests. For example a mould for a heart shaped candle with personalised wedding details noted on it can be easily created.

Silicone candle moulds are reusable, easy to clean, and durable.

Please contact me to discuss your custom candle or soap mould ideas, and for a free quote.