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  • By CTW
  • February 11, 2019

Food grade moulds

Food Grade Mould | Claire Tennant Workshop

Food grade moulds

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Have you ever had a really wild idea for a unique catering solution?

Claire Tennant Workshop makes custom food grade moulds for all of your hot and cold pourable or mouldable food requirements.

In the past I have made individual lemon cheesecake moulds from real lemons, Crocodile pâté moulds in the shape of a bone, twig shaped chocolate moulds, and even a realistic anatomical heart to be made from pâté.

I am able to custom make and design food grade silicone moulds for casting sugar syrup to look like glass. Along with almost any style of logo branded chocolate moulds.

All food grade silicone moulds are suitable for baking and freezing alike.

Custom food grade moulds for professional chefs, caterers and bakers.

I am able to create a mould from an existing object or design. If you’re unable to provide me with a master design which the mould can be made from, I can create one for you.

When it comes to logos, I have your design laster cut for accuracy. This is then fabricated onto a block to your exact specifications. Ensuring that all your required elements stay exactly as you have planned.

Looking for a more traditional style of chocolate mould? I am also able to facilitate the creation of polycarbonate vacuum formed food moulds.

Please contact CTW with any questions you have about custom food moulds.